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5 easy steps to clear clutter

Springtime always make me thing of cleaning, clearing clutter and removing things that are zapping my energy!

There is something about the blooming of flowers and trees to make you feel like the earth is being rebirthed and it makes me want to join in by cleaning the clutter out of my life! I don’t know about you but throughout the year I seem to accumulate things and this is a great time to clear out things I no longer love, need or use.

When I begin to clear clutter, I like to start with an intention. We often have emotional attachment to things, or behaviors, and sometimes it is difficult to release them. Holding on to an unhealthy attachment can cause energy blocks that can interrupt the flow of creative energy in our lives. So, it is time to clean!

Take a few minutes and set your intention. Get in a comfortable position, take several deep breaths and quiet your mind. Visualize your desired outcome, see yourself letting things go, and feel the release and rush of positive energy as you free up space. Feel the joy you have once the clutter is removed, the lightness in your step…..

Now you are ready to work.

1-Create a thorough brain dump list of tasks that need to get done, items or behaviors you are holding on to, actions that you are tolerating, and things that are annoying you. Write for at least 5 – 10 minutes and do not worry if it makes sense.

At first the list may be hard, but take time and walk around your space, think about your actions, your day/week and revisit your vision set during your intention. Your list will begin to flow and you may even be surprised at some of the things that wind up on your list!

The things on your list can include cleaning out your closets, getting rid of old clothes, calling your Aunt that keeps leaving you a message, or returning the red box DVDs that are in your car. It may also be letting go of a grudge against a friend that hurt you, calling someone to say you are sorry, or moving on from a hurt from the past.

Whatever is blocking your creative energy is appropriate for this Spring Cleaning.

2-Once you are satisfied with your list now you can sort them into categories that make sense to you. It could be household tasks, yard work, finances, auto, behaviors, annoyances, etc. What matters is that it makes sense to you.

This may be a time when you begin to feel a pull when you think about getting rid of your favorite pair of jeans that has so many holes that you could be arrested for wearing them in public! When you feel that pull ask yourself, what am I holding on to? Is it the jeans I want to hold on to, or the memories I have from the experiences I had when wearing the jeans.

3-Once you have established categories, you can prioritize them as to what must to be done, what needs to be done and what you would like to be done. These categories will not necessarily determine what get completed first, but it will help you recognize what needs to be addressed first.

4-Great! You have a list to work from, now choose which item would make you the happiest if you get it done this week. It may be calling your Aunt, or framing your jeans to hang on the wall! Just Kidding!

When you complete tasks that will provide the greatest source of happiness, you create momentum to keep working on the tasks that may be more difficult.

Continue working on the tasks week by week, choosing the next task that will provide the greatest feeling of success until you have reached your desired intention. You may find there are things you are not ready to release, but be kind to yourself and take time to explore what it is you are holding on to by keeping that behavior or item.

5-Celebrate! Each time you complete a task take the time to celebrate your success!