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What in the World Should I Eat!

It seems every time you read the news there is some new study

that tells you that you should, or should not, eat something. Should I eat vegetables or meat, dairy or grains, or should I just eat out of a box!

It is a great question that is not so simply answered.

While you may thrive as a vegan, someone else may not. What is one person’s medicine, may be another person’s poison.

So, this is confusing, right? Let’s back up a little.

We are mammals, animals. Some animals are herbivores, meaning they eat only plants, some are Carnivores and they eat only meat, and others are omnivores and they eat both.

The interesting things about animals is if left to forage for themselves they seem to know what they need to eat. Think about you dog eating grass when they have a sick stomach; did you tell them to do that? Of course not, they just know.

Or when was the last time you saw a special that featured a scientist in the jungle telling Chimpanzees what to eat? LOL! You didn’t!

What I am getting to is this, when you get away from the noise, and pollution, of processed foods, stress, and sugars, your body knows what you need to eat.

For many years I was vegetarian, then plant based, and I felt great! Then as things changed and I got older I started to crave meat. Seriously, I would salivate when I was around baked chicken. Yikes.

What I learned is that throughout our lives our needs can change and, just like the dog who eats grass, my body was telling me that I needed something that I could not process as well without the chicken.

Okay, now I hear that little thought in your head that says, hey I crave sugar, so that means I must eat sugar! Well that is the tricky part, remember I said you had to get away from the noise, sugars and stress.

We have eaten so many “food-like products” that our body is very confused. The processed foods are full of chemicals, preservatives and even things intended to make us want to eat more!

A good way to start is to do a 10 day to 1 month detox diet where you eliminate sugars, grains, and anything processed. This will allow your body to “reset” and then your body will begin to know what it needs to eat.

Then you can begin to heal your relationship with food and with that comes health and happiness.

If you would like to learn how to detox safely, please contact me.

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