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Vision Board - Your Purpose - Your Vision

When I started offering Vision Board workshops I had a lot of people who asked, “What is a vision board.”

A Vision Board is a powerful way to say “yes” to your dreams and goals.

Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, Katy Perry, and more, all swear by Vision Boards and their power to change your life!

What a Vision Board is not,is a place to put your dreams “out there” and sit back and do nothing!

If done correctly, the Vision Board connects you to your inner desires and then once done you put focus, and energy, on those desires.

Many large corporations use Vision Boards, as they see it as a powerful tool.

When you create a visual of your inner desires, you change, and you begin to see what you really want, not what everyone else expects, and then by placing the board where you see it daily you keep that energy working towards that goal.

It’s simple but VERY effective!

But how do I know what are my inner desires? How do I know I am not just wanting what others want?

Great Questions!

During a workshop/retreat, you will have the time and space using music, meditation, aroma therapy and provoking questions to help you move past the gunk that holds you back from what you really want.

There are others who are also on the same journey and when you share it is a powerful exercise that further opens that space in your heart and allows what we really want to come to the surface.

We have spent so much of our lives trying to “be” what others think we should be.

Think about it, it starts as children when we are given doctor kits, girls are given kitchens, and we are told we can grow up to be….

Not that this is wrong, I mean what child doesn’t love a doctor kit, kitchen, etc!

The point is we often are highly influenced by our parents, teachers, peers and most likely lose sight of what “we” want.

One of my retreat participants came to the Vision Board process ready to conquer all sorts of things, but what happened was that she found her inner self needed healing. She had multiple losses in the past few years and she needed time and space to heal. It has been amazing to watch as her Vision has guided her through deep healing which I am sure is preparing her for an amazing future!

Another Vision Boarder was not happy in their job. They felt if they worked harder, got promotions then they would be happy. However, what her inner truth told her is that this was not the right direction for her, she honestly wanted to do something completely different. Over the next year, she began to make small changes, keep looking at her vision board, and she made the transition to a job that she now LOVES!

There are MANY stories from people who have used Vision Boards, including the story that Oprah created a Vision Board of Obama taking the Oath of Office and what dress she would wear to the inauguration!

How to create a Vision Board

  1. Choose a day when you will not be interrupted. You will need a full day.

  2. Prepare by finding a good guided meditation, or maybe two. Have 1 or 2 high quality essential oils (optional), and music that is relaxing, without words.

  3. On the day you plan to create your board, take a walk somewhere inspirational. Take time during your walk to “empty your thoughts” and listen and see with your heart.

  4. When you return practice meditation. It does not have to be long but take time to breathe.

  5. Put on background music and begin probing your mind with these questions:

If money was no option:

  1. What would I want to be(emotions, outcomes)

  2. What would I want to do (not your job, think deep, do you want to travel, have a family, have time to give back)

  3. What would I want to have(wealth, car, house, vacation home, describe in detail)

  4. During this practice notice if you feel “guilty” for wanting a nice car, or a vacation home. During this process when your inner self asks for something you may get a funny feeling like “you don’t deserve, or need this” you feel “selfish”.

  5. Once you have worked through all the gunk to find your true self, you will have a sense of peace, and maybe still a little nagging voice that says “who do you think you are!”

  6. Now you start cutting pictures, words, etc out of magazines. If a word, or an image, speaks to you, cut it out, don’t question it.

  7. Once done you will start to sort the images and put them in some order.

  8. Trust the process, it will come together.

  9. Then you will glue them down, put a smiling picture of yourself in the middle (optional but powerful) and hang it where you can see it every day.

  10. You can search Pinterest for examples, printable sayings and symbols to help you creat your very own Vision Board.

As you can see this is a deep and powerful process.

It is helpful to be in a group like a workshop or retreat setting.

If you would like to Create Your Own Life, you can join me at one of my full-day immersions. I provide all the materials, music, meditation, essential oils, and the space for you to have uninterrupted time to explore who you are and what is YOUR purpose.

Don’t live in the Research Triangle Area, let’s talk!

I know if you truly give yourself the time, and space, to explore your inner desires they will bubble to the surface and you will be changed, your goals will be clear, and if you choose, you will have the life of your dreams.

Miriam Ansley

RN/Professional Health and Wellness Coach

Raleigh NC 27526


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