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Go Health for a Good Cause

Springtime is here and our thoughts are filled with cleaning and clearing out the old to allow for the new growth and life!

Spring is also a great time to clean and clear out our bodies to allow for greater energy, health and clarity!

What if you could go healthy AND raise money for a great cause!

You Can!

May 21 - 25 2018, The Carying Place and Eat Love Mend are joining together to create the healthiest fund raiser EVER!

Mind Body Soul Charity Challenge!

The Carying Place, right here in Cary NC, teaches homeless, working families with children life skills for attaining independent living while providing short-term housing and support services to address their individual needs.

Homeless working families is a growing population due to so many families living paycheck-to-paycheck.

The Carying Place has near 90% success in providing support and education to help families succeed in living independently and planning for unexpected expenses.

You have the opportunity to do a 5 day Mind Body Soul Charity Challenge that will help you do a little spring cleaning for yourself!

This challenge will not only have you eating whole nutritious foods, but you will also practice mindful eating and living.

No counting calories, points and certainly no cabbage soup! Just good wholesome food, breathing, journaling and mindfulness.

Think you are too busy? This 5-day challenge was created for the busy professional and included are recipes that can be made in under 30 minutes. This can fit easily in to your day!

Spring into wellness and Go Healthy for The Carying Place!

For more information go to The Carying Place, or Eat Love Mend.

Raleigh NC 27526


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